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Leaving Buenos Aires

sunny 30 °C

So this will be my last entry in Buenos Aires. We are catching an overnight bus in a few hours for Iguazu Falls. We hear the buses are fantastic here, the seats fully recline to flat (on the tickets we bought), it includes dinner and breakfast and service .. sounds better than a plane apart from the fact that it is about 17 hours long!

Yesterday we walked and walked and walked for ages (still slower than normal with my leg) and saw some beautiful parks. Also went into the Evita museum which was started in 2002 to commemorate her 50th anniversary of her death. For some reason I am very interested in her story. Its wierd, from all accounts people either absolutely loved her or the complete opposite, no inbetween. She apparently did a lot for the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged children, working women etc. When she died, people were either rejoicing with champagne in the street or crying with torches in the street. Her body was stolen for 15 years and taken to Italy where it was in a cemetery under a different name. It was also cut and damaged by the people who hated her. But finally they found it and brought it back in the 1970s and put her to rest in Ricaletta, the famous cemetery. Anyway, maybe you all know this already so I will stop.

We had a BBQ meal last night as everyone raves about the meat here but we werent so impressed. The meat we had in Bariloche was much much better.

They have massive markets here, only on the weekends so we were lucky as it turned out (well, probably not as far as Terry is concerned). They are not as big as the ones in Thailand but they are still pretty impressive. At least with these ones I can find my way back to find Terry who usually gets a beer and waits for me. In Thailand he had no choice but to follow me as there was no way I would ever be able to find him again.

Well I think that is it for BA. Ive really enjoyed our 4 days here. I cant believe that in no time at all we will be flying home.


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More in Buenos Aires

sunny 29 °C

Hola again from B.A. We are halfway through our stay here and I am sure we have not even scratched the surface here. Yesterday we took this tourist bus where you could jump on and off all through the day. The entire trip takes about 3 hours without getting off. It was a great overview of the city and the magnitude of it. We also went to La Boca for a few hours. It is the older part of the city, the artists quarters, and not renowned for being safe. We were fine there, there were lots and lots of little shops and restaurants and tango dancers out on the street. Poor old Tezza, he could only stomach the shops for so long until he found himself a seat in the sun with a beer and let me go for it! It suited us both perfectly until it came time to find him again and we had our usual dramas where both of us blamed the other one for not being in the place we said we would be! Oh well, at least this time we didnt get told off by a french woman!!!

Last night we saw a football game which was a great experience (and more expensive to get to than the Dinner and Tango night!). We did that instead of going to a game at the famous Marracana in Rio, only because that one is closed for renovations before the World Cup in two years.

And my last word for today ... Yes, of course it involves Terry! This time he did something so bad that I am still coming to terms with it. The temporary loss of his mastercard pales in comparison to this ... Terry McBride, Seasoned Traveller, ate at McDonalds!!!!!!!!! For those of you who dont know Terry very well, this is not just blog-worthy, I am considering notifying the international news stations. Terry will NEVER eat in an American establishment, much less a fastfood one. He has been known in the past to eat off the street and get sick before he would lower himself to McDonalds. So there you go. I dont know whether we have to put this one down to old age or temporary insanity. Whichever one, I wont be letting him forget it in a hurry. He said he was hungry and he couldnt find anything else in the ten minutes we had before going to the game. Huh! Very weak excuse I must say. He will have to do better than that in the future!

Cheers for now,

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Buenos Aires

"Dont cry for me Argentina ... "

sunny 28 °C

Buenos Aires ... WOW! This is the first word that comes to mind to describe this city.
H U G E!!! is the second one. I cant remember ever being in such a huge city, not in 60 odd countries I have been in over the years. Flying in you can tell immediately by the amount of high rises for as far as the eye can see. After two days here I am beginning to comprehend its enormity.

I wasnt expecting to like BA if truth be told but it is a pretty amazing city with so many contrasts. Huge 7 lane roads surround the city, then there are narrow roads barely passable. Massive modern skyscrapers are abundant but so are the beautiful old buildings of the last centuries.

One of the first things we did was see the famous cemetary where Eva Peron (Evita) is buried. That was amazing, like a mini city. The mauseleums are just amazing and we did a free walking tour there so the guide told us some amazing stories about the people buried there .. all elite people. The interesting thing is, Eva Peronś one is very modest compared to most of them, yet hers is by far the one everyone comes to see and the most revered. It is the only one which always has flowers on it to this day.

Saw a Tango show last night which included a delicious dinner, that was cool. Argentine Tango looks so much better when the experts do it compared to Dancing With The Stars back home!!!

And to end this blog on a different note...Old Tezza, King of the travellers, always proud of how great he is at everything to do with travel left his mastercard at the ATM here!!! He didnt realise until the following day when he couldnt find it, then walked back to the bank and they had it there (thankfully!). So of course he will never hear the end of this from me. Every time he hassles me about doing stupid things, not looking where I am going, whatever, all I have to say now is ... "well who lost their mastercard!!"


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Kayaking and Whitewater rafting

Adapting to one´s circumstances

sunny 18 °C

Question: If one cannot walk to the top of a mountain, what can one do instead?

a. Take a chairlift to the top of a mountain instead
b. Go kayaking
c. Go whitewater rafting
d. All of the above

Answer: D. Of course.

We have had a great last two days in Bariloche, sad to be leaving this amazing place. :(

Yesterday, once again, saw some amazing scenery at the top of a high mountain. All these mountains and views are different but equally as stunning. Then took a tour kayaking on one of the lakes for a few hours, it was brilliant. The lake was crystal clear, so much so that even about 2 metres deep you could still see the bottom..unbelievable. The weather was perfect, sunny and not much wind.

Then today we decided if my leg could handle kayaking, it could handle whitewater rafting. So off we went, about 100km out of Bariloche where you go rafting on this river than ends up in Chile! The guide on the raft was fantastic, so funny. There were 5 of us plus him. Sooooo much fun. One of the girls fell out on one of the rapids which was very funny, especially in the video and photos we saw afterwards. There was a part where you could get out and let the water carry you down so Terry did that. There was no way I was doing it as it was a cold day, about 16 degrees and the water was freezing. Even Terry said it was freezing when he went in. We were amply covered up though. They provided full wetsuits, long sleeved jackets and then of course the life jacket. Even the shoes were provided.

Afterwards we had lunch and got to see all the photos and DVD of some of it and we ended up buying it. Same with the kayaking, have a DVD of that aswell, just photos in that one.

The great thing about Bariloche is that almost everything we´ve done has been in a different direction and every route you take to get somewhere is stunning - you can´t go wrong!

We are both now covered in bites from these insects you get in south Chile where we were a couple of days ago (so we were told after the event). Lucky for Terry, his are on his ankles and lower legs but mine are all over my neck, arms hands and some on my forehead! So gross. Today I woke up and said to Terry, I look like the Elephant Woman! I bought some cream for them yesterday. We left home with a few panadol and some bandaids. Our collection now contains anti-inflamatory pills, painkillers, one bandage, diarrea (can never spell that word) pills, anti-inflamatory cream and now insect bite cream. Ahhh the not-so-good things about travel!

Here´s another food story. As well as ham and cheese sandwiches, the argentinians seem to adore caramel. It is EVERYWHERE. They serve it for breakfast just like jam or honey, you can spread it on toast or bread, its in most of the chocolates and deserts... today we were talking to an argentinian couple on our whitewater rafting tour and I asked her what was the deal with the caramel and she said ¨we are very proud of our caramel!¨ There is no such thing as peanut butter here so I guess they´ve substituted caramel for it. It is so rich that even Terry can´t eat it!! I remarked the other day to him that I was surprised he didn´t like it with his sweet tooth and he said ¨but not for breakfast!¨ Ah ha, finally found something Terry won´t eat.

So that´s it for now, and for Bariloche. The next time I blog we´ll have made it to Buenos Aires.

Buenas noches!

Sue and Terry

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Back in Bariloche, Lakes District, Argentina

semi-overcast -18 °C


Back in Bariloche for our last two days of breathtaking scenery. We spent our last day in Puerto Varas visiting this cute little german village. Walked through a great rainforest there as well as soaking up the atmosphere. It seemed to be very big on music because there was an amazing concert hall there, gave the Opera House a run for its money! And especially in such a small little village. Also there were music signs everywhere. Family, you know of course who I was thinking of the whole time!

Then Terry had this big german feast for lunch, I swear I don`t know where he puts it. I almost had to roll him out the door. They also gave us some bread for starters with this very hot and spicy sauce type thing. Of course when the waitress told us that, Terry took it as a challenge, he wasnt about to let the germans beat him at anything. He polished off the lot, I tasted a very tiny smidgeon and needed a galon of water to recover. His head started smoking like all the volcanos we were surrounded by!

Today we did the Lakes Crossing back and once again, it was truly beautiful. Did I say before it takes you through the Andes, just amazing. This time around we had a great guide, one whose English was a lot better than the first one so I could understand everything. He told us lots of very interesting facts. Due to its location surrounded by the Andes and also its elevation from Pacific Ocean, it is almost always raining. They get 4500mm per year! We never ended up getting the rain that was forecast on either day we were there so very lucky once again. The guide said the locals dont have to watch CNN or the weather channel or look at the internet for the weather. They just look out the window each morning and if they cant see the mountain tops, then it is raining. If they can see the mountain tops, then it is going to rain!

We went out for dinner tonight and went into a different chocolate shop which was as big as a supermarket! I took so many photos in there! It also had pastries, cakes, icecreams, you name it. It made me contemplate what was the best thing about travelling ... the scenery, the people you meet, or the food. Tough call. I know that the worst thing is not having enough time to do everything.

Off to bed now.


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