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El Chalten, Argentina

all seasons in one day 14 °C

So here we are in El Chalten, down south of Argentina and known as the hiking capital of the country. It is surrounded by snow capped mountains and there are many different treks you can do.
Of course we decided not to do what normal people do..ie do one day trek in one day. Noooo that would be too easy! We decided to incorporate two day treks in the one day, thereby having more time to do other stuff here in our limited time.

So off we went..at 6.30am, with all our thermals on, raingear, sunscreen, food for the day, you name it we had it. It was amazing. But boy we were stuffed when we got back, about 12 hours and about 30km later. Terry has pulled up worse than I have (hahaha, how cool is that!). He could barely walk last night after he´d had a shower. Our feet were throbbing. And he´s still in bed now, even though he wanted to get up just as early today to do another trek! We will still do it but later on in the day. It doesn´t get dark here until about 11pm so we have lots and lots of time.

Tomorrow we booked this tour to do rock climbing. I´ve never ever done it so that should be interesting! We did check it was for beginners though so that is a relief...I won´t be left hanging.

Our plan was to go to Torres Del Paine after this for 4 or 5 days, however we are not sure we´ll be able to do that anymore because it looks like it is full, even camping. They did say in all the guide books that you had to book ahead during peak season but ... well ... as most of you probably know, trying to get Terry to sit down and do some advance planning is like trying to persuade him not to try to do a 2 day treks in 1 day!!! It is taking all of my self control not to say those words ... I told you so!!!! Anyway, I´m sure we´ll find something else to do if we can´t get there though it will be a shame because it is suposed to be spectacular. Mind you it isn´t as spectacular now as it was 3 weeks ago because it turns out a very stupid Israeli tourist decided to ligiht some toilet paper and ended up burning 15000 hectares of the park! They had to close the park for a week and get all 400 tourists out of it when it happened. There are still hostels and hotels there that are closed due to it.

OK girls, I think I´ve discovered a brand new diet, guaranteed to lose weight. Move over Weight Watchers and Atkins, this is called the South America Travel Diet. It goes like this..

Day 1 Bfast... Anything you want.
Walking walking walking walking walking walking walking
Mid morning snack .. nothing, too busy walking.
walkng walking walking walking walking walking
Lunch... Anything you want.
more walkng walking walking
Mid afternoon snack .. apple or cracker
more walking walking walking
Dinner. We have two options for dinner.
Option 1...too buggered from all the walking to have dinner so go straight to bed.
Option 2...go to restaurant and spend half an hour trying to decipher the menu with the phrase book out. Then order. Then wait for an hour for service by which time you give up and go home and go to bed.

Now I think the only problem with this diet will be the maintenance programme. Once the walking walking walking is replaced by eating eating eating and drinking drinking drinking, it may be hard to continue. But hey, I didn´t say it was perfect. I´ve devised the first week or two, the maintenance is up to you... GOOD LUCK!

And now Id better go and wake Terry up, he´ll freak out when he realises how late it is (9am) Both of us are still jetlagged and have been surviving on so little sleep, I´m not surprised it has hit him finally. Im just waiting for it to hit me.

Cheers for now

Posted by SueAttar 03:36

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Wow, it sounds like bloody hard work for a vacation - great fun, you are making Ben envious.

Can you load any photos on to this site?

by ruth cartwright

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